American Authors: Oh, What a Life


Photo by We Are American Authors.

From left to right: Zac Barnett, James Adam Shelley, Dave Rublin, and Matt Sanchez.

American Authors is an indie rock band consisting of four male members who came together in Brooklyn, New York. The quartet includes Zac Barnett, lead singer, James Adam Shelley, lead guitarist, David Rublin, bass player, and Matt Sanchez on the drums. The sound created by the group expresses not only indie rock but also folk and pop. The band began in 2006 as The Blue Pages, but later changed their name to American Authors in 2012.
In the winter of 2013, American Authors released their debut album Oh, What a Life. The most popular songs of the album are “Best Day of My Life” and “Believer”. The single “Best Day of My Life” can be heard in movies such as: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Delivery Man. The members of the band has been on tour to showcase their new talent filled album since early February and will continue until late June.
The entire album consists of fresh, upbeat sounds. Anyone who enjoys inspirational and uplifting music should definitely listen to American Authors. Every member of the band is dedicated to their music and spreading inspiration. Just hearing a song by American Authors will immediately create a better mood for the listener.

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