Broken Beauty

With the Grand Canyon being almost 300 miles long, containing a volume of over five trillion cubic yards, and having an average depth of one mile, it is only natural that one would be taken aback by the immense size of this crater, but this giant hole in the ground brings a lot more to the table than just its size alone. The Grand Canyon is truly a beautiful sight to see, and I was lucky enough to be able to see it myself.
Upon entering the Grand Canyon National Park, many people were swarming up and down the parking lot, either starting towards or leaving the Grand Canyon. Nerves filled me as I approached the railing for the first time. Seeing the Grand Canyon was comparable to opening my eyes for the first time. I was drawn towards the bottom of the canyon, and I watched as the Colorado River, so peaceful and calm-looking, continued to flow throughout this area which it had created. When comparing the size of this one singular river to a large landscape such as the Grand Canyon, I began to realize that something so little, so innocent, was the cause for this humungous hole in the ground. I began to realize that all the beauty contained within the Grand Canyon can be credited to one single river, and I began to realize that over time even the smallest little things can create something beautiful.