Tips for Beach Trips


Follow these 8 steps to help you solve the dilemma of obtaining effortless beach beauty, so you can feel confident in your first footfalls on the toasty sand.

Summer is rapidly approaching and students are itching to head out on the beach and conquer the fierce, salty waves. But first…here are some awesome tips for conquering effortless beauty on the beach.

Hair: Don’t over-style your hair before stepping out on the beach. The humidity, heat, and salty air will wreak havoc on your hair. A simple bun, ponytail, or even your natural hair will do. Plus, the damage a flat iron or curling iron does to your hair mixed with the salty, drying effects of the ocean will be the cause of coarse hair.

Hats: A protective, yet cute hat will help block some of the harmful rays from the sun, and as an added bonus it covers your scalp to help keep the sunburn and peeling away. A Polo hat, monogrammed hat, or even a cheap one will do its job of protecting your tender scalp from the sun.

Nails: Most people get their nails professionally done before their trip to the beach; however the sand will rub off that $40 manicure/pedicure within a few days. It’s better to let your nails go natural, along with your hair, and let the salty water do its magic on your cuticles.

Swim suits: Shopping for the must have item, bikinis, can be done at the beach, however with prices lower and a larger selection of bathing suits…why wouldn’t you do a little pre-beach shopping in Forsyth? Be sure to select colors that work well with your skin tone and hair/eye color.

Make-up: While at the beach the only necessary beauty item is sunscreen.  Besides the fact that sun block protects skin from harmful rays of the sun, it also prevents skin from peeling which can be painful and annoying. If you have sensitive skin, you might want to pack some moisturizer as well to help your skin recover from the drying ocean water.

Footwear: Leave the tennis shoes and boots at home; you’ll need easy to slip-on and slip-off shoes. Sand has a knack for wiggling its way between toes, so shoes that come off quickly are a must in order to rinse your feet! After the beach, Vans are the perfect comfy shoes to lace up before heading out for a night on the town.

Towels: You know you’ll be spending at least half the time your out on the beach tanning, so why not find a cute towel to lie on? Patterned or plain, a new towel will easily add flare to your beach look!

Monograms: Monogrammed clothing items, bags, and even towels are in! You can’t go wrong with personalized accessories. You’ll have to tote sunscreen, towels, water, and snacks so a bag is a necessity. Why not have it monogrammed? It’s sure to be a real eye catcher!

Follow these eight simple steps and in return you’ll achieve a flawless beach style along with natural, yet beautiful looks. Greet the beach, after a long winter, with an easy summer vibe.