Coyote Killings


Help the hunters out so they can kill more game for their family.

What are coyotes? Why do they bother us? What is one of their favorite things to eat? These things might come in mind when we think of coyotes. Coyotes are not native to Georgia, but they were put here and within the past five years, they have gotten worse. They like to eat live stock. They have decreased the deer and turkey population. In recent years coyotes have eaten live stock, cut back on are game, and they are getting less scared of us humans. GON has created what they are calling a coyote cull starting this. A coyote cull is where someone takes this month of GON magazine, kills a coyote, and takes a picture with his or her dead coyote with that month of GON magazine. There is only one entry per month to be entered and only one person in every household that can enter a month. And the winner can receive a win a brand new 49 yeti cooler, a 200 dollar gift card to Franklin gun shop, and a brand new 30 round magazine Mossberg MMR 5.56 Tactical Rifle with a scope. That is the GON way of a motivation for us to get rid of these coyotes.