Summer Books Worth Reading


Isabella Higgins

Books upon books are waiting to be read during the hottest months of the year.

Students are aching for school to end and summer to begin.  As the school days dwindle, and plans for summer expand, it is great to have a plan for every day during the break, but some days will just turn out to be dreadfully boring.  Lay down a towel in a sunny area, grab a book and get to reading. Do not let a few fallen plans dampen your summer fun.  Reading a book is a great way to experience an unknown world; plus, mothers will be overjoyed to see their kid reading.

The Fault in Our Stars – John Green

Hazel Grace Lancaster, a sixteen-year old ridden with terminal thyroid and lung cancer, narrates the story.  Hazel’s parents encourage her to attend a support group for cancer patients where she ultimately meets the love of her life, Augustus Waters. Augustus Waters, ex-basketball star, lost a leg due to cancer and is said to be in remission. Throughout the book the reader follows the love story and encounters the realistic struggles the young teenagers face.  This book is so beautifully and eloquently written it can make just about any reader cry.

The Maze Runner – James Dashner

Thomas awakens in a mysterious elevator unaware of his surroundings.  When the elevator reaches the surface, Thomas finds himself in the Glade with fifty other teenage boys.  The boys were put into the Glade with virtually no memories except for their names, and are forced to solve the maze surrounding their camp in order to survive. When the first girl ever is brought up by the elevator, the Gladers know something is wrong and must act quickly before the grievers, blood-curling monsters, prey on one boy each night.  The Maze Runner is written to keep the reader entertained from beginning to end with twists and turns at every corner.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – Ransom Riggs

Jacob witnessed his grandfather’s death in a peculiar way – murdered by a monster.  Nobody believed what Jacob saw, so he was deemed crazy and ordered to attend therapy sessions.  The crazy boy found pictures of strange children left behind from his grandfather.  Jacob uses the pictures to guide him to an abandoned orphanage on a lone island where he meets several odd children.  This novel will surely keep the reader on the edge of their seat while soaking up summer rays.

Second Chance Summer – Morgan Matson

Taylor’s dad, ridden with cancer, requests one last family vacation at the family lake house in an attempt to bring everyone closer before time runs out.  Taylor had not set foot in her lake house in five years, and was not ready to face the people she left behind when she was twelve.  Second Chance Summer is a story of girl struggling to understand what is going on in her world, reconnecting friendships, and most importantly letting go and having fun despite the devastating situation.