NFHS Blood Drive


Ethan Simmons

Highly trained Red Cross volunteers spend time drawing the blood from donors. Junior Alex Davis, along with the other participants have their arms sanitized and are given something to squeeze. Then the volunteers carefully poke the needle into the vain in the donors arm to begin the donation process.

Every year the Y-club, A Christian based service club puts together a blood drive. Mrs Burrus, the Y-club sponsor and main organizer of the blood drive, said, “We want promote community awareness and promote our club members to get involved in their community” The blood drive is very important to this school and the community.

Students who choose to participate have the opportunity to save the life of a person in need, and help end the blood shortage that is currently sweeping across Georgia, according to the Red Cross. In addition students will get to miss class and get free snacks after they donate. However there a few things interested participants need to know before they sign up, interested students must be at least 16 years old to be eligible to donate, and all participants need a photo ID to be permitted to give blood, Students that don’t have a photo ID can be given one to use on the day they are scheduled to donate.

Students or staff interested in the opportunity to help save a life can talk to Mrs Burrus in room 881 for sign up times and specific donation details.  It’s also recommended students eat a good breakfast and drink lots of water on the day you are set to donate. We do not want anyone to faint!