Coming Together


Major Kelly is a great influence for ROTC and feels that his students have a bright future ahead of them.

Amanda Lewsader, Staff Writer

Concerning war, there are many points of views, and opinions. Many trainees are teenagers training to go to war and are developing an idea of what military life is like. There are also veterans; people who have experienced war first hand. In having so many young participants in programs like ROTC and JROTC, there becomes a great age range of participants, trainees, and veterans, all with different views and opinions on war and what it is like overseas. Even though they have their differences, they also have some similarities. Most Veterans have a more mature way of looking at what has happened and is still happening overseas and know what is best for our country.“Knowledge could keep us from becoming involved in a fight that does not really have to be fought,” Major Kelly stated. Since he has experienced war first hand, Kelly has a different idea as to what would be ideal for our country. JROTC arguably has more of an educated view on war. “I think we need to be more knowledgeable since critics want us to withdraw, and they don’t understand that we shouldn’t since it is so chaotic overseas right now,” commented Anthony Verdirame, JROTC participant, freshman. Anthony has the advantage of being aware of what is occurring overseas, but does not know what it is like for himself.

Although younger and older generations have a different approach on war, they are both aware and are mindful of the issues still occurring today. Not only have that but they sometimes had It is sometimes valuable to have different approaches on issues, but to also have someone guide you in the right direction. Having that leading hand can help people pursue what they always dreamed of. Kelly has a similar feeling, revealing, “I teach JROTC because I like the thought of helping them grow into mature Americans- someone helped me grow up, and perhaps I can help others do the same.” No matter what position anyone may hold while serving in war, the majority want to help our country stay safe and follow family members’ footsteps. They all have the same motivation: love for our country.