New Additions to North Forsyth: Part 1

New Additions to North Forsyth: Part 1

Raicheal Havins, News/Advertisement Editor

The new school year has kicked off to a great start, and a lot of new faces have joined North Forsyth’s population. Staff and students alike find new people to meet with teachers and staff being hired in all departments.

The science department added on Ms. Lindsey McAllister, a highly passionate biology and earth systems teacher. She is a former Raider and a part of the 2001 graduation class. Ms. McAllister became inspired to pursue the study of living things by her biology teacher from her years here at North. While she is comfortable coming back to her former high school, she is not used to such a population. “I absolutely love the school. The staff and students are so friendly,” she stated. Outside of school she enjoys boating on Lake Lanier, traveling, shopping and spending time with her family.

Ms. Elizabeth Smith has joined the english department. Ms. Smith was an accomplished literature and journalism student in high school, which later prompted her to become an English teacher. She loves working with people and enjoys her time with North’s students. Her favorite part of the school year has been Spirit Week. She is highly confident about her job, but admits that the hybrid block schedule takes some getting used to. Outside of her job, she loves cooking and baking, as well as, watching movies.

Ms. Cindy Evans is a new 9th grade literature and composition teacher as well as the 9th grade study skills teacher. She was motivated to teach English because she was passionate about “connecting to the written word of years ago and making it relevant today.” She lives by her high school motto: “Enter to Learn. Go forth to Serve.”  Her favorite part of the school year so far was being hit with pies at the pep rally and being a part of Spirit Week. Though she has the challenge of being a floater this year, she has the advantage to meet a lot of the staff and students. She is also highly invested in the community; she volunteers with youth groups and leads bible studies. She enjoys watching her kids’ soccer and lacrosse games, watching movies, reading and napping.  The fear of first exposure to a new environment is being lost. “Of course. I even purposely go out a different door or down a different hallway to see where I’ll end up.  One day I ended up out by the gym and needed to get to trailer 917 in 2 minutes to beat the students.  I happened upon a snow cone truck by the football field, but no one was inside.  For a moment, I thought I had stumbled upon a hidden snack truck,” Ms. Evans says on the topic of losing her way.

The newest member of the foreign language department is Ms. Valerie Erickson. She was prompted to teach Spanish by her past experiences of living and studying in Spain for a semester. This year, she loved meeting all of the new people around Forsyth County after moving here from Michigan. Though she has never been lost in the school, she is anxious about learning the ins and outs of such a large school building. Unlike most teachers who are anxious about the bell schedule and block days, she rather enjoys it. She looks forward to an exciting year filled with teaching Spanish. Her hobbies outside of the classroom include reading, watching movies, cake decorating, and playing with her children.

North Forsyth High School’s students and staff look forward to an amazing new school year, and hope to come to know the newest staff members. To the newest staff members, welcome. We hope you love it here in the Raider Nation.