Visiting Principal comes to NFHS


Rachel McCord, Staff Writer

Three years ago, the Cumming Forsyth Chamber created a program called “Visiting Principle for a Day.” On November 5, Ann Margaret Johnston, Chairman of the Cumming Forsyth Chamber, visited our school as a part of this program. The Chamber created “Visiting Principle for a Day” in order to catch a glimpse of what goes on day to day in a typical high school. The program gives visitors the chance to follow the current principal throughout the day in order to see their regular duties.

While on her visit to NFHS, Johnston visited an Advanced Algebra class, Mr. Major’s Advanced Placement Economics class, and a ROTC class. Her favorite part of the visit was going in the ROTC room. “I got to shoot” Johnston said, holding up the punctured target board. In the three years that she has been in this program, Johnston has visited South Forsyth High School and an Elementary school; she was amazed by the organization and work that went into transporting the children to and from school, especially transitioning from the buses into the school day. She was amazed by the timeliness of it all.

When Johnston is not visiting schools, she is running her Certified Public Accounting (CPA) firm, Johnston and Associates, inc. where she deals with accounting and tax returns throughout the year. She also published her book “How to Turn your Poker Playing into a Business” in 2006.