Winter Guard and Drumline Showcase


Noelle Walker

Both the drumline and the winter guard did well in the competitions. The next showcase “Kelleidosope” is coming up this and will, hopefully, be another great competition for both groups. Sophomore Cassidy Okenica, one of the girls on winter guard, said, “I think, as a team, we have done so well collaborating and working together to make this show amazing. We all put so many hours and hard work into being the best guard we can possibly be and we always radiate positive energy at practices, which enables us to place where we do. I feel confident about my performance on Saturday. I have learned to work to my best and I went out and performed the way our guard should.”

Raicheal Havins, News Editor/Advertisement

This past weekend was a great success for both the winter guard and the drumline. The ladies of winter guard placed 3rd at the Indoor Ensemble Showcase, which was held at Alpharetta High School, and the drumline placed 5th at the Forsyth Central competition over the weekend. Sophomore Bryan Moss was performing with the drumline and said, “Well, the first show was pretty good. We got our timing off and that’s what placed us in 5th. Later that night, we had the second show and that went way better than the first. I accept getting 5th, I think we deserved at least one place higher, but I’m glad we didn’t do too badly.” Both groups, the winter guard and the drumline, will be performing “Kelleidosope” at Kell High School on Saturday, March 21st.