Instapray: My Experience


Kristen Iler

Instapray allows me to overcome problems, and help others reach their goals. The app has received extremely high ratings, 4.8 stars on average. It is an app with much potential to please anyone who joins.

Kristen Iler

Worship and prayer are not usually things you see every day on social media, but there is a relatively new app changes that entirely. Instapray, introduced on January 10, 2013, is an app designed to let people around the world interact with each other by posting prayers, praying, and offering God’s words of wisdom through pictures. It is truly a new kind of social media.  My friend, Lea DiMatteo, introduced to me the app a little over two weeks ago. I have to admit that I was hesitant at first, but as soon as I created an account, I felt that I was surrounded by a God-loving community.  It is evident that everyone is on the site to show encouragement, compassion, and a love for worship.

About five years ago, my great grandfather was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and he has been battling a rigorous battle since then. He went through the chemotherapy to slow the process down, and now the cancer is pushing itself back at full force. Almost a week ago, my family received news that he had days or weeks to live. I began to pray. I posted a prayer chain on Instapray and instantly received encouragement. By the end of the day, I had a prayer chain of over 21 people for my grandfather.  It truly shows how devoted the people on this app are.

Instapray is, in a way, a blessing. I find that it helps to get encouragement from others in times of hardship. Throughout life, there are going to be dreams that have to be chased alone, obstacles that have to be conquered without a partner and times when loneliness is the only option. Praying, though, is something that should never be done without encouragement, and Instapray ensures that no one will ever have to do that alone again.