One Direction Rocks the Stage in Detroit on August 29th


heart-throb, Louis Tomlinson, on stage in Detroit.

Morgan Champion, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Directioners all over the world went nuts as photos leaked of One Direction’s On the Road Again show in Detroit on August 29th. From singing Happy Birthday to the now 22-year-old Liam Payne, to a famous meet and greet photo showcasing 23-year-old Louis Tomlinson and his band mate Harry Styles in the middle of an epic bromance moment, the concert was definitely one to be remembered. Although Detroit was merely another stop on their fifth tour, the boy band did everything but hold back on showing their signature personalities to thousands of adoring fans screaming, sobbing, and singing at the top of their lungs in the audience. “You are definitely the loudest crowd we’ve had so far,” Liam claimed, following the show’s opening.


Directioners attending the concert did not take this statement lightly. Ranked the most annoying fandom in world, they tweeted millions of memes, pictures, and statements of the boys proclaiming their victorious accomplishment. #OtraDetriot was trending in the days following the show, and the band even had their own words to say about the epic moment.


Louis (@Louis_Tomlinson on Twitter) tweeted, “Happy birthday to the aspiring lad that is, Payno ! Happy birthday !! @Real_Liam_Payne . Gonna be a siiiiiick show tonight!”


Meanwhile, heart-throb Harry Styles (@Harry_Styles on Twitter) also took a rare attack to social media, saying, “Happy Birthday @Real_Liam_Payne Looking forward to celebrating on stage with you tonight.”


This so called “celebration” featured the birthday boy and Louis engaging in epic water gun and silly string battles, Niall taking a painful fall on stage, and Harry being his usual quirky self all while his adoring fans screamed his name. There were even thousands of creative signs helping to capture the moment and to really show just how dedicated the One Direction fandom is to their idols.


Overall, the show was a memorable, fun experience for everyone from the band, to fans, to parents enduring incredibly loud screams from their excessive, fangirl daughters. We can expect noting but the best as One Direction finishes up this tour, and released their fifth studio album in September.