Ransom Riggs Event in Decatur

Photo used with permission by Lorrie Angell; Ransom Riggs is happy to see a devoted fan/reader with all three books for his signature.

Photo used with permission by Lorrie Angell; Ransom Riggs is happy to see a devoted fan/reader with all three books for his signature.

Bella Angell, Staff Writer

Ransom Riggs, the well-known author of the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children series, included Atlanta, Georgia on his five city book release event to announce the most recent addition to his wildly popular series, Library of Souls. Previous books include Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and Hollow City. Little Shop of Stories in Decatur sponsored this affair and sold all tickets in advance. The event began with an interactive discussion between Ransom Riggs, three well known BookTubers and a very enthusiastic audience. The people in the audience were also able to ask Mr. Riggs questions about the new novel and the hosts’ opinions about the whole series. It also included a Peculiar Costume Contest, games, and people who purchased Primary Tickets received the last book in the trilogy to be personalized by Ransom Riggs and the three BookTuber co-hosts and a tote that held “swag,”, according to Little Shop of Stories.

Ransom was joined by three BookTubers, Xtine of PolandBananaBOOKS, Jesse, known as JessetheReader and Katytastic. All three co-hosts dressed up, and Xtine and Jesse have videos up on their YouTube channels about the event. Jesse walked/ran around the gym in the Decatur Recreation Center and held a microphone up to any random audience member who had a question. Jesse’s energy added to the excitement of attendees, and Ransom Riggs was asked many interesting questions.

The next phase was the presentation of costumes based on the peculiar series. A variety of people participated in the Peculiar Costume Contest. They dressed up as their favorite peculiar character from the novel or made up their own. There were four winners who dressed up as a Hollowghast, a boy named Hugh, a dog named Addison, and the character on the front of the third novel in the series. The winners went into so much detail it seemed as though the characters had come to life. These characters play an important role in the series because they can mean life or death for the main character, Jacob Portman. Afterwards, Ransom Riggs personalized many books including his first two novels for admirers. He was very kind to all his fans and said this was his first time coming to Georgia. An added reward for those who know Ransom Riggs well was to catch a glimpse of the famous author Tahereh Mafi, his wife.

Overall, the event was a blast if you are a crazed fangirl or fanboy of Ransom Riggs. There were many people who came from all over the state of Georgia and from other states, and they contributed to the overwhelmingly large amount of excitement at the event. Many people are excited about the book-to-movie adaptation of the first novel in the MPHFPC series. Hopefully Ransom Riggs will consider coming back to Atlanta to discuss the world of Miss Peregrine!