Five Fall Treats

Bloomin Baked Apples are a fall favorite of many. Image found on

Jessica Prouty, Staff Writer

Fall has made its grand entrance, accompanied by golden leaves and crisp air. However, the most anticipated joys of fall are the phenomenal dishes. Enjoying the food brought by the season is simple, but what about cooking it? Here are some of the most cherished fall recipes to enjoy.


Pumpkin Bread

Of all the seasons, this is the best one to enjoy a slice of sweet, moist pumpkin bread. A traditional dessert item, pumpkin bread is a must have during the fall.

Mini Caramel Apples

Regular caramel apples are sometimes too big for one person but making these mini caramel apples a perfect alternative. Enjoy a small, bite sized apple caked in caramel for a perfect snack or dessert item.

Blooming Baked Apples

These sweet treats are closely related to the caramel apple… except inside out! A single caramel cube in the middle of a hollowed and sliced apple half creates a perfect, gooey delight.

Slow Cooker Apple Crumple

The Slow Cooker Apple Crumble has made quite an appearance on many Pinterest boards and cooking blogs this year. This is a tasty treat perfect for those who want an apple pie, but do not want to go through all the trouble.

Caramel Apple Pie Cookies

For those searching for that apple pie fix but not willing to make a full pie, these are a great substitution! They are easy to make and easier to sit back and enjoy.