Time Bending Teen Stars in New Episodic Adventure

Chrysalis: Episode 1

“Max you are not crazy. You are not dreaming. It’s time to be an everyday hero.” ~Max Caulfield, Life is Strange

“Max you are not crazy. You are not dreaming. It’s time to be an everyday hero.” ~Max Caulfield, Life is Strange

Diana Rodgers, Web Editor

Disclaimer note: The following article was meant to leave out as many spoilers as possible, but there will still be some.


Taking a break from their normal fighter and first person shooter style of game, DONTNOD ENTERTAINMENT took the gaming community by storm with the dark and twisted adventure game Life is Strange. This game takes place over five “episodes.” Set in the fishing city of Arcadia Bay, we find Max Caulfield, someone who has moved back to the city to attend the prestigious photography school Blackwell Academy. While there, she is reaquainted with childhood friend Chloe Price, causing the dynamic duo come together to solve the mystery surrounding Rachael Amber’s disappearance. The the player’s surprise, Max has the power to reverse time, making it easier for her and Chloe to bring justice to all of the murder and mystery in Arcadia Bay. Life is Strange is an Adventure style game based off of Chaos Theory, more specifically The Butterfly Effect, which states that small changes in the initial setting can lead to drastic changes in the end.

The first episode, Chrysalis, opens on a dream featuring our protagonist, Max Caulfield viewing a tornado that is about to tear apart Arcadia Bay and finding a paper in front of her dated a week away, revealing the impending doom. After reading the paper Max suddenly wakes up in a classroom with Mark Jefferson, Max’s teacher, lecturing about the “selfie” process. As class comes to a close, the player is left with an eerie feeling of what is to come; that feeling though is brushed away though as the player goes through the school to the bathrooms to cool off and recompose. This is supposed to be a relaxing place for Max, and right after she has taken the photo of the game the doors burst open by Chloe Price accompanied by Nathan Prescott, one of the main antagonists in Life is Strange. The two of them bicker until a gunshot rings out, leading to the discovery of Max’s time travel powers and the first puzzle of the game about how to save Chloe using those powers.Once Chloe is saved the episode goes on to describe the two’s adventures as the solve the mystery of Rachael Amber’s disappearance.

When broken down, Life is Strange has a simple plot to it. There is a mystery afoot, and our dynamic duo (Max and Chloe) need to get to the bottom of it. It is a story that has been redone to death in the gaming community, but the unique setting of Arcadia Bay along with the non-linear timeline makes it one worth investing time into.