A Walk Through the Booth Museum


There are a variety of different amenities at the Booth Museum that add to a unique and interesting visit. (Photo taken by Sophie Bier)

Leilani Gibbons, Staff Writer

In the heart of Cartersville, Georgia, the Booth Western Art Museum makes its home. This museum is highly recommended by those who have visited it, and it is considered an alternative to the High Museum in Atlanta. In comparison, both museums are roughly the same one hour distance from Forsyth, and while the High is larger, the Booth museum is a modest two stories and is in a small, secluded area, meaning there will be significantly less traffic.

The Booth has a variety of interesting exhibits based around their Western theme including: The American West Gallery, The Cowboy Gallery, Faces of the West, Heading West, The Modern West, The Sculpture Court, The Mythic West, and Native Hands. These collections visualize the history that took place in the American West including some Native American artifacts and pieces from the journey that was Westward Expansion. These Western galleries give visitors a new perspective of the west as they see firsthand experiences through over 100 years of artwork. Along with these exhibits, the museum also has a permanent Presidential Gallery and Civil War Gallery filled with riveting historical facts; the Presidential Gallery even includes authentic letters written by the Presidents alongside some facts about their time in office.

Other additional amenities that are offered at the Booth Museum are a café and a gift shop. Some of the items available to purchase at the café include lunch items such as sandwiches, salads, and soups, along with assorted desserts, coffee, and tea. The gift shop also has a great variety of items for sale. Anything from t-shirts to stuffed animals can be found here. It is a great place to pick up reasonably priced gifts or souvenirs for anyone of any age. For more information on the Booth Western Art Museum, their website can be found here.