Don’t Say It If You Don’t Mean It


#RelationshipGoals are what many people tend to idolize in images that they see in the media.

Kayla Salemi, Opinion Editor

Love: an intense feeling of deep affection.


“I love you,” said an 11 year old boy that has barely hit puberty. He is staring at himself in the mirror, searching his barren chest for even a mere nub of hair sprouting out before bed time. He is maybe 5’3, and his voice still cracks occasionally; however, he is able to love that really pretty girl. You know, that really pretty girl that sits next to him in math class. That really pretty girl that he greets every day, yet he still doesn’t know her name. How can someone love someone else if they know nothing about them? It is called lust, but many people tend to get love and lust confused. You see, that boy can lust over that really pretty girl all day long, but he can never truly love her unless he learned about her as a person instead of an image.

For the girls: Boys will be boys. They will say things like “you are the only one for me”, “you’re perfect”, “I love you”, and “I will never leave,” but do not be fooled. Some boys will use these words to hook you, yet I know you are smarter than that. Do not fall for it. They will sweet talk you, and in some cases they will buy you gifts. Do not get me wrong there will be some boys who truly do love you, but some of them just want one thing.

Within this generation, deep conservations have become relationship goals. The phrase “I love you,” has been shortened to ily, and the meaning has been weakened. Loyal girlfriends/boyfriends have become hard to come by. Being asked out on dates become Netflix and chill. So many people say it is “too much work” to have relationship. Nowadays, everyone just wants sexual things instead of actually having someone that truly cares.

All in all, everyone needs to learn that love is not something that should be overused. Being loved is a special moment in time, and everyone will have that time, but for now learn to love yourself. So many people rely on others for their happiness, but remember that you cannot make anyone else happy before making yourself happy. Do not ever change yourself to make someone else like you more. If he can’t handle you without any makeup on, then do not waste yourself with him. If she complains about your acne do not bother to even pursue her. Everyone has imperfections, yet if you truly loved someone, you would love all their imperfections just as much as their good qualities.