Students are Under Too Much School Stress


Students these days do not have enough hours in the day to complete everything they are expected to do. They are then labeled as failures when they cannot achieve these impossible standards.

Danielle Stone, Staff Writer

High school students are placed under a ridiculous amount of stress. They are expected to go to school for seven hours, do two hours of homework, and have many forms of extracurricular activities. This doesn’t even include important socializing time with friends or family. When students barely have time to eat and bath, there is obviously too much on their plate.

One of the first very disagreeable aspects of school is the ludicrous amount of homework. Many kids stay up far past midnight in order to finish work that should have been taught in class anyways. The teacher has their slot of time in the students’ day; if they cannot complete what they need to within their time limit, they should not be allowed to force those assignments upon the students.

The grading standards have become absurd. A “C” is meant to be average, but if a student gets one point below that, they fail. A score of 90 or above on any given test or quiz has come to be expected which is a near impossible achievement considering how many classes are taken and the lack of time outside of school.

Most parents really do not fully understand the difficulty of maintaining good grades. If they were paid more according to the quality of the work they have done, they may have an idea. Besides, they do the same job every day, but students are learning new things in multiple subjects and expected to regurgitate that knowledge.

If students pray for natural disasters in order to get out of school, there is obviously a problem. When kids would literally rather be sucked up by a tornado than spend time learning, obviously something is very wrong with the system. Similarly, kids hope for illness and rejoice when they vomit because that is a sure sign of no school.

Something is obviously horrible wrong with the school system with the near impossible standards and prayers of bodily ailments to avoid going. Students are under an enormous amount of stress attempting to keep up with nearly impossible standards with parents who scold them for not having good enough grades. No one seems to understand what is going on with the school system except for the students.