A Close Up of One of Journalism’s Own: Snodgrass Edition


“Everyone likes different flavors, some like it salty, some like it spicy. I like mine doused in humor.”

JoAnn Ahn, News Editor

It was seemingly another simple Tuesday on April 25, 2000; the weather was “not too hot, not too cold- all you needed was a light jacket.” –Miss Congeniality. As the light breeze picked up, a new, mysterious feeling was stirring in the spring air. What the world didn’t know at the time was that the undeniably curious winds were actually a response to future pun legend, Daniel Kai Snodgrass’, birth. What the world also didn’t know was that he was brought on earth not in a small town in the United States, but in an American naval base in Yokosuka, Japan.

Growing up to a naval navigator father and Scottish mother, and being the middle child of five, Daniel’s childhood was far from the ordinary.

Once his father retired from the navy, the Snodgrass family moved to different cities all over America after about one and a half years after Daniel was born. From towns in Washington to Rhode Island to Georgia, many childhood adventures resulted, a majority taken place in Coventry, Rhode Island. Despite the mediocre education system in his town, Daniel treasures his time spent in the school yard of Hopkins Elementary School. When asked about his primal recollection in his life, he said, “My earliest memory is not even a specific memory… it’s just bits and pieces in the huge dirt lot in the school yard. I loved playing with dirt, making things seemingly come to life, creating. As  kid, everything is just bigger.”

His most prized memories come from when his grandparents would visit from Scotland. With such limited time in their occasional stays, Daniel has always cherished the time spent with his family. He takes pride in his origins, especially from the fact that in his Scottish last name, the prefix “Snod” in Snodgrass actually means smooth. Daniel is very proud to be a smoothie.

If you could describe Daniel, in one word, it be would be humor. From his original puns to

his authentically humorous haikus, the creativity never seems to end. His intricately composed haiku, “My Haiku” became a major hit in the North Forsyth community.

Here it is:

A round of applause

This is the longest haiku

I’ve ever written

Aside from his beginnings, his ongoing passion in German has largely shaped his high school career and future plans. Despite his entirely English heritage, Daniel loves the Germanic language and finds it far more interesting and fun than Spanish. In college, he enthusiastically hopes to study German, business, and advertising, while pursuing a degree in satire.

Also, with inspirations coming from childhood hero, Sportacus from Lazy Town, he is on a fitness journey to be as parkour as possible.

A large part of Daniel’s life can be seen in his leadership role in his favorite club, Simple Charity. Behind the scenes of events, he is the guy helping for set up or clean up, without instructions or often times, acknowledgement.

With his Christian faith and humility, the world can easily see how Daniel’s humble beginnings have shaped the way he looks at the world today. This young pursuer of change for the world is not your average teen, and as far as we’re concerned, he doesn’t have to be, to be the young and hopeful individual society needs more of.