North students value school, success for 2017


Anna, Kayla, and Holley are sitting and discussing their resolutions and what they are going to do this year. They want to make their freshman year great!

Melina Vergilis, Staff Writer

Most everyone had a New Year’s resolution when 2017 hit, but the problem with resolutions is that not many people can keep them. We mostly hear people talking about how they want to lose weight and eat healthier, but most of it is all talk and little action.

A few students from North Forsyth High School told me about their resolutions and how they are going to keep them. Junior Leilani Gibbons says she wants to stop holding grudges and forgive others, while freshman Anna Anglin says she needs to stop procrastinating and get work done earlier than the night before it is due.

Emma Siver said, “I’ve always been a little anti-social, but I have made some new friends this year. I would like to continue to make new friends and branch out.” Freshman Holley Murray says she has always been a good student but her goal is to make all A’s this school year, and although it may be difficult, with her smarts and positive attitude, hopefully it will not be too hard.

When asked about her resolutions, freshman Erica Becnel mentioned that her goal this year is to drink her lemon, cucumber, mint, and ginger water every day. So far she has kept her resolution going. Freshman Caroline Onufer says “I aspire to become more organized and in order. It makes school life and life at home easier.” Noah Smith, a junior, wants to become more involved in the clubs in high school before he graduates.

Most everyone aspires to succeed in life and in school. North students are especially motivated to graduate and make their high school years memorable. Resolutions are a tradition, and even though most people do not keep theirs, it is always entertaining and encouraging to set goals in life.