Seniors Looking Toward the Future


Sara Chesnut holds up her acceptance letter to Young Harris College. She is excited to attend the same college as her father, sister and many other family alumni.

Leilani Gibbons, Editor- in- Chief

As the school year progresses, seniors across the United States are either dreading or longing for their final days of required education, enduring the waiting period before they are sent out of the door into the “real world”. With this season of anticipation comes the looming presence of the ever enticing college. Students are in the process of submitting college applications left and right, hoping to find the right school that fits their needs and personal standards while also aligning with their budget. As these high school students prepare to graduate, many who applied to schools through the “early action” process are receiving their verdict through the end of November into December, finding out the path of their futures.


The University of Georgia recently released their results for their early admissions applicants and a number of senior Raiders were accepted into the competitive university. Alongside UGA, students have been accepted into Young Harris College, Georgia State University, the University of North Georgia, and Georgia College and State University. These students are in the first steps of starting the rest of their lives, making exciting yet daunting decisions.


Senior Victoria Ferreira was accepted into her top choice school, Georgia College and State University, and although she continues to wait for responses from other schools, her recent visit to the university made her confident in her decision to study there. When describing the university’s campus, she emphasized the beauty of the bustling town and her excitement to attend small but engaging classes, stating, “I am eager to start my future whether it is as GCSU or another school. As the days inch closer I do become a little anxious about leaving my family but if I attend GCSU I won’t be very far from home.” As the school year proceeds, Ferreira plans to take it day-by-day, dividing her time wisely and keeping her grades up.


Sporting a Bulldogs t-shirt and a beaming smile, senior Ashton Bruce was also accepted into her top school and plans to reside in Athens to attend UGA next fall. Opting for larger classes and rigorous courses, Bruce is eager yet nervous for the future. “The process of graduating, moving in, leaving home- that’s scary. But I think once I’ve settled in I’ll be right at home,” she expressed enthusiastically. Bruce not only foresees her adaptation to college life, but she also takes her lack of a major into account, sharing, “I don’t really know what I want to do yet- UGA excels in various subjects and specializes in many fields, so I can test the waters before committing to a degree.”


Young Harris College, located in the rolling mountains of northeast Georgia, will also be gaining two Raiders in the fall of 2018. Both Sara Chesnut and Tucker Daniel plan to matriculate at this school, looking forward to the connected community and intimate class sizes that the college has to offer. Chesnut has a long history of alumni at the school, and wanting to maintain the tradition, explains, “I am excited to be at the same college that some of my family members attended. It’s like a little piece of history that we’re all experiencing at different times”. On the other hand, Daniel will be a first generation Young Harris student in his family, learning the ways of the school from first hand experience. Daniel committed to YHC on a baseball scholarship this previous fall and is looking to play for the team throughout his years of college. “I’m thankful that I get to play a sport I enjoy while I’m in college, I think it will be a great way to connect with the school and make some close friends. Plus the scholarship is super cool,” Daniel joked.


As these students begin to make decisions for their future– applying to college, receiving scholarships and making their final days last, the Raider Nation is wishing them the best and sending them off with spirit and discipline to succeed. More results and acceptances will be released as graduation approaches slowly but surely, updates will be posted to the “North Knows No Bounds” bulletin board in the cafeteria.

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  • Victoria Ferreira was accepted to her top school, Georgia College and State University. Although nervous about leaving her family, Ferreira finds comfort in the freedom and close proximity to home.

  • Ashton Bruce was accepted into the University of Georgia through the early admissions process. Opting for larger class sizes and rigorous courses, Bruce can hardly wait to turn a new page in her life.

  • Tucker Daniel was accepted to Young Harris College with a scholarship for baseball. Daniel is anticipating the moderate class sizes and friendly community.

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