Horse Lovers Rejoice: Equestrian Team Is Back At NFHS


This is Emma; a horse that will be ridden in the North Forsyth High School equestrian club.

Melina Vergilis, Web Editor

North Forsyth High School offers many clubs and extracurricular activities for people to express themselves and make friends. Students will have an opportunity to learn important skills the new chemistry teacher, Heidi Archer, plans to restart the equestrian team. A few years ago, there was an equestrian team, but it was for strictly english riders; Ms. Archer has now opened the club up to all riders, including western.

The members have had about six meetings to organize and plan the team; they meet at 7:45 every Thursday morning. The club has planned to find a local barn or two to sponsor and host them.  Most participants in the club have their own horses and way of transporting them; however, there are a few that do not. Ms. Archer has been planning a few trail rides for the team to bond and get to know each other better. Most members in the club ride english and are hunter/jumpers; a couple others participate in western and are barrel racers or western pleasure riders.

The equestrian club is hoping to start attending shows next school year and continue to figure out future plans. For the remainder of the year, Mrs. Archer and the club members will still take trips to horse shows to watch and learn. The team is also hoping to get more students to join so they can expand their club. The club gives the students who ride their moment to shine and show off their talent.