Coaching for a Change: Andy Martin


Here is North Forsyth High School’s newest addition to coaching, Andy Martin. Coach Martin is hoping to inspire all Raiders to reach their goals through a healthier lifestyle.

Cynda Allen, Staff Writer

Coach Andy Martin is a new staff member to North Forsyth High School and we welcome him with open arms! This is his first year coaching for North High in his 18 years of teaching. He previously taught at Forsyth Central High School and North Forsyth Middle School. When asked what made him want to leave North Middle School next door and come here, he responded, “I left because there was an opportunity to coach boys’ basketball, do coaching with Mr. Sokol and I also wanted to get back into high school where I started teaching.”

Coach Martin plans on hosting the after-school golf club when it comes around. When asked about coaching, Martin says that he loves getting students to “reach further than they thought they could” and also commented on how he was inspired to take his career path.

“Some of the greatest men in my life were my coaches and I recognized the impact they had on my life and I want to return that to others,” Coach Martin stated. He is all about getting students motivated to push themselves, to their best ability, to be a better, healthier them.

Outside of school, Martin likes to go hunting, camping and venturing out to see concerts. He is also a big family man and enjoys spending the majority of his time with his wife and children.

Coach Martin is so far loving it here at North High. Since he lives in the community, he remarked that it “feels like home.” As for his new coaching job at this school, we hope that he has an amazing year and wish him the best of luck!