Esports in Schools


A photo of an Esports competition and its trophy prize. (Photo credited to: IBM corporation)

Marvin Cruz, Staff Writer

Esports is a growing competition between players participate either alone or in a team against others for sometimes large prize pools and it is beginning to spread into schools and colleges. NFHS is no exception with a new club being made for Esports at the high school competitive level. The Esports club is new this year and is being coached by Mr. Barron. The first and only game that is being played in the first season for this year is going to be “League of Legends” by Riot Games. The first practice meeting is scheduled to start at sometime near the beginning of October, and the cost to participate in the competition season itself will be $70. For more information about Esports for our school there is a handout ready in the Media  Center. As for how popular the idea of this club stating in the school, I asked 30 students how they felt about this club becoming a part of the school.