Billie Eilish: The Role Model Young Girls Have Been Waiting For

Billie Eilish: The Role Model Young Girls Have Been Waiting For

Kana Mullee, Staff Writer

Billie Eilish, a 16-year-old singer-songwriter, inspires young women all over the world to go out and do what they dream of doing. When asked about how Eilish’s music and image affected her, NFHS freshman Allison Van Epps said, “Watching Billie start her career at the age of 14, is very empowering to all teen girls.”


Eilish isn’t your run-of-the-mill pop-star. Her dark, brooding pop and distinct individual style attract others to her with ease. Eilish’s “I could care less” attitude shows that she isn’t trying to pretend to be anyone and puts her real personality on full display. The 16-year-old’s  vocal range is nothing short of impressive. She effortlessly hits soaring high notes all the while growling through the moody lyrics, which perfectly accompanies her thick synths and rhythm and blues style beats.


When asked about all her fans, whom she calls “family,” Eilish said, “Getting recognized is insane. It just blows my mind, like someone who you don’t know at all can just be like, ‘Oh my god are you Billie?’ And it’s like, yeah, but why do you care? But people meet me and then they’ll tell me things that are like, ‘Billie you got me through this,’ and they’ll explain what happened and how I helped and literally, I just got shivers thinking about it, because it’s something that I do because I love it. That’s the only reason I do it, and that can change somebody’s life, which is freaking crazy.”


Her debut single, “Ocean Eyes,” went viral and has accumulated over 116 million streams on Spotify alone as of September 2018. Her debut EP “Don’t Smile at Mewas released in August 2017. Following the EP’s success, Apple named Eilish as its newest Apple Music “Up Next” artist a month later in October 2017.


Eilish shows how even though she is young she can do all the things that people who are older than her can do. She chased her dreams even though she was only 14 when she started her singing career. She inspires the current generations by being herself while having major success. Overall, Eilish has an amazing career and it is only getting better as she continues to inspire young girls all over the world to chase their dreams.