What You Missed: Summer ‘18 Recap


Important events in politics, pop culture and around the world have occurred during the summer of 2018. Whether seemingly big or small, these past stories have made an impact in people’s lives around the world. Photos by : Billboard.com , CNN.com, Genius.com, Moveon.org

Anna Anglin, Web Editor

Although the school year comes to a close and the Raider Wire takes its annual 2 month break, the news and important events never come to an end. Here’s what happened during the hiatus.

Thailand Cave Rescue

Twelve members of a youth boys soccer team and their coach were trapped in the Tham Luang Cave located in Thailand for almost three weeks. The teammates were recognized as international heroes after they survived those long 20 days with nothing but rocks, water from within the cave walls and themselves.

The team used the rocks from within the cave to dig five meters deep into the shelf in an attempt to keep warm. Although the boys were consumed with fear with no sense of time, their coach, Ake, taught the them meditation techniques to help stay calm. Eventually, rescuers from all over the world came to the aid of the team and all 13 were brought home safely to their families.

Separation of Families

During the summer of 2018, President Trump made it evident to the American people that he planned to crack down and apply stricter laws  concerning immigration and illegal immigrants. What this meant was the United States’ current policies would have to change quite a bit. One of the changes made by President Trump is that children will no longer be required to remain with their parents when brought into detention centers. This resulted in thousands of children being separated from their parents at the mexican border. Controversy has erupted across the U.S. as many citizens feel this decision is inhumane and detrimental to the lives of the children and parents affected.

Royal Wedding

On May 19, Meghan Markle and Prince Henry made history with the 2018 royal wedding.The world had been anticipating this day since Nov. 27, 2017 when the news broke of their engagement. Meghan Markle made history as the first African-American women to be incorporated into the royal family.

FIFA World Cup

Soccer fans from around the world came together on Jun. 14 as they raved about the much anticipated 21st FIFA World Cup: an international soccer tournament where teams from around the world compete for the acclaimed title of World Cup champion. Similar to the Olympic Games, the World Cup comes once every 4 years, making 2018 a special year within the soccer community. This year, France took home the title as they played diligently against Croatia at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, Russia.

Celebrity Deaths

Although there were many accomplishments and gains, the summer of 2018 also had its fallbacks as the world mourned the deaths of several celebrities, many of whom had a vital role in the music industry. Influential artists such as Aretha Franklin, Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy (more commonly known as XXXTentacion), and Mac Miller passed away during the summer months.


The songs that are released within summer months are always an important aspect in anyone’s summer experience. 2018 was no doubt the summer of hip-hop, as popular artists released music that was sure to liven up the hot days of summer. Here are the top 3:

  • Drake – “In My Feelings”

This upbeat, playful tune was ringing through everyone’s ears throughout the summer of 2018. Drake’s “In My Feelings” broke not only the charts, but the internet as well when the “In My Feelings Challenge” spread internationally.

  • Ariana Grande – “No Tears Left to Cry”

Ariana Grande is rising to claim the title of “Queen of Pop,” as her music has gained her immense popularity throughout the past few years. This summer, “No Tears Left to Cry” remained on the Top 10 list as fans from around the world jammed  to this anthem about overcoming life’s obstacles.

  • Cardi B – “I Like It”

This fun tribute to Latino culture has been the song of the summer. Cardi B first acclaimed her rise to fame through the song “Bodak Yellow.” Now, she is loved by millions due to her upbeat, bold and care-free music, and “I Like It” is no exception.