North Forsyth Was In High Spirits Last Week


Students and staff dressed up everyday for spirit week last week to show their school support and they did a wonderful job.

Carena Ravenel, Staff Writer

North Forsyth students and staff went all out last week for their annual spirit week.

On Monday Disney day commenced, Disney princesses and Mickey ears could be seen around every corner. The halls became magical with glitter and smiles.

Fanny packs and Hawaiian button downs fulfilled their true purpose last Tuesday on Tacky Tourist Day. This special day has been very popular throughout the years and is now a North Forsyth Spirit Week tradition.

The school’s classes were filled with more memes than usual on Wednesday. Meme Day was by far the most clever, hilarious and meme-rable for the student body.

Leather jackets and pink skirts made a comeback on Thursday’s Grease Day. Surprisingly there was no rivalry between the Greasers and Preps.

On the final day of spirit week, everyone was dressed in purple in black for Rowdy Raider Day to represent the school. Later on at the Homecoming game, those in the stands stood out by wearing neon to support their team.

The students of 2019-2020 are going to have a hard time topping this year’s spirit week.