Alliance Academy for Innovation Defeats North Forsyth In First JV Academic Team

Cassidee Jackson, Staff Writer

Alliance Academy won against North Forsyth (350-110) on October 1 in the first Junior Varsity Academic Team match of the fall season. Both teams competed professionally during the hour-long competition in which members from Alliance Academy showed great sportsmanship after winning.

For background information, the Academic Team at North Forsyth High is a club that answers jeopardy-style questions in a limited amount of time, usually ten seconds, against another group of students to see which team is most knowledgeable about certain subjects. Subjects covered in Academic Team, usually called Quiz Bowl across the United States, are geography, literature, fine arts, sciences, mathematics, social sciences, philosophy and pop culture.

The two JV teams started from scratch due to unique circumstances – Alliance Academy’s eight members were freshman at the new school while North Forsyth’s previous JV team either graduated to become alumni or joined the varsity team. All members from each team attended the competition with the exception of the fifth member of North Forsyth’s JV team.

Sophomore Shayna Gulley, a member of the NFHS JV Academic Team, detailed her experiences with her first match for the team. When asked about her reasoning for joining the team, Gulley declared that Academic Team, to her, would be “fun and interesting.” Additionally, Gulley plans to specialize in “math and history” for further competitions, as those are her favorite core subjects. According to Gulley, having a “good work ethic” and “[putting] in a lot of time and effort” into your desired academic field are essentials for joining the team.