PSAT: What To Expect From Those Who Have Taken It


The PSAT is a great way to prep for the real SAT, so here are some tips and advice for preparing!

Melina Vergilis, Opinion Editor

Every year when October comes around, students begin preparing and studying for the PSAT. Freshman, sophomores, and juniors are all able to take it; however, sophomores are the only grade required to take it. It is a great way to prepare and know what to expect on the actual SAT.

When preparing for the PSAT, make sure to visit the College Board website. They offer endless amounts of valuable information and helpful tools. Another excellent resource for preparation is purchasing or borrowing books with practice questions and questions from previous tests. Additionally, join a study group or have a few friends help quiz each other.

An important test taking strategy that too many students forget is eating a healthy breakfast and getting enough sleep! Wear comfortable clothes and go to the bathroom before taking the test. Remember the test is during IF and is approximately four hours long. Pacing and focusing are extremely important because it can be a very tiring test. There are both math and reading sections just like the SAT, and it will be scored just as the SAT is scored. There are many different parts, so breaks will be permitted in the classroom.

Junior Nathan Gaudio says, “Just be prepared for the amount of time it takes and how hard it is to stay focused. The answers are for the most part easy, however; it is just hard to manage time and stay focused.”

Overall, the PSAT is a great way to practice and prepare for the SAT. Use smart test-taking strategies and focus on the end goal.