Recap of the 2018 Varsity Volleyball Season


The NFHS varsity volleyball team worked together to grow and rebuild their team after losing nine seniors the previous season. The team did not have the stats they wanted; however, they worked well together and bonded more than ever before. [Photo by]

Ella McCook, Staff Writer

North Forsyth High School’s varsity volleyball team has shown  constant growth and has made continual progress throughout the 2018-2019 season. After losing nine seniors the previous year, the past players were at a loss as to who would fill these positions. This decision was crucial to the season and would determine how well they played. Anna Grace Cheatham, a junior, said that she would describe the season as “an icebreaker season” and also noted that they “built bonds closer than any team I’ve ever been part of.”

The team played in six tournaments. Cheatham said that their tournament in Tennessee was the best because they were “loud, played together and had lots of fun.” Cheatham also stated that the most memorable moment of the season was when Mary Ellen Enright, a senior, reached 1,000 kills and 1,000 digs because it was “a bittersweet moment” and was also Cheatham’s “last game with her best friend.”  The team worked hard together to do the best they could do in every tournament and game.

With a total of 22 wins and 21 loses throughout the entire season, there were numerous games in which the team worked well together. The Raiders’ biggest loss was against Lambert, due to a number of factors. Play calls and rally points did not go in favor of the Raiders and according to Cheatham, the team was playing for themselves and “beating themselves up after every mistake made.” The Raiders’ biggest win was against Cherokee due to their skill level, the energy that the team brought and the trust each player had for one another.

Personal records were set and players were recognized for their work throughout the season at the region tournament. Mary Ellen Enright made First Team All-Region and Kate Perryman, a sophomore, received Second Team All-Region. The coaches got their 200 career win at the Georgia Challenge Tournament. The NFHS varsity volleyball team worked with one another throughout the season, which allowed them to grow and strive on the court.