The Band LANY’s Quick Rise to Fame


The band LANY has quickly risen to fame due to their unique style, Paul Klein’s (middle) appeal to their female fanbase, and their emotional and relatable song lyrics.

Ella McCook, Staff Writer

Indie Pop band LANY has quickly risen to fame due to lead singer Paul Klein’s looks, vocals and the emotions found in his song lyrics. After going through a breakup in early January 2018, LANY quickly went to work on a new album called “Malibu Nights” that blew up immediately and was a main cause for the growth the band has experienced in the past year. Fans were able to feel heartbreak in every lyric and relate to the songs in a way like never before.

After the release of their new album, their top songs on Spotify went from old classics to only songs from the new album. The heart-felt and relatable album exploded and fans of all ages began talking about it. People from all over the world were raging about Paul Klein’s looks as well as the amount of emotion the band pours into every performance.  They focus on raw emotions and use the pain they have experienced as inspiration which speaks to the fans and allows fans to experience these emotions alongside the band.

Paul Klein has been in very serious and committed relationships and is always sure to share his love as well as his heart with his fans. Whether it is an Instagram caption about his struggles or an interview where he shares the inspiration for his music, he is a very honest and open artist. Klein also interacts with his fans on social media, which is not common for large and growing artists. His attractive style appeals to the band’s female fanbase. Overall, this has helped the band grow because it seems girls are always more interested in a band when there are attractive band members with good morals and values.

According to longtime fan Carson Darracott, a senior at North Forsyth, LANY appeals to her because “they put their whole heart into every song.” She first saw them in concert in 2018 and believes they have risen to fame this past year due to their genre and believes they have a “unique style.”

Collin Chamberlain, a new fan and senior at North Forsyth, said that his favorite thing about the band is the song lyrics because they are “relatable and the band puts raw emotion into every lyric.” Although he is a new fan, he is attending their concert in June and is most excited to hear them play their new song, “Malibu Nights.”

LANY released tour dates for 2019 back in November 2018, and they immediately sold out shows in Boston, Mass.; Washington, DC; San Francisco, Calif.; and Anaheim, Calif. This led to the band adding extra dates to certain cities in order to include all of their fans. The fans are dedicated and are willing to do anything to promote LANY, which has helped them grow significantly.