An Insight Into Upcoming Choir Auditions 2019-2020 School Year


Students at NFHS are eligible to audition for Chamber Choir and Cantamus Choir. The audition includes a range test and sight-reading, which help show how well the auditionee is able to hold their part.

Ella McCook, Staff Writer

North Forsyth’s choirs are diverse in sound as well as experience level. There is an audition process for both Chamber (mixed choir) and Cantamus (women’s choir). The audition process is the same for both classes.

Auditions are open to the entire school and everyone is welcome. Audition dates will be Feb. 26 through March 1 during the auditionee’s lunch period. Once Mr. Seese has chosen the new members of choir there will be a list with all student names in the choirs, posted outside of his door as well as on all choir social media platforms for the 2019-2020 school year.

Each auditionee must sight-read alongside a group of individuals with different voice parts who are already in the choir. Mr. Seese, the NFHS choir director, and the students who are backing up others in their auditions consider and evaluate how well the auditionee can hold their part as well as how well they would be able to learn music on their own and read the music. The select choirs learn music at a very fast rate; therefore, it is extremely important that each person is able to learn and hold their voice part alone.