North’s JV Soccer Team Falls Short of Denmark by One Point


North’s JV soccer team fought hard during the first game of the season.

Carena Ravenel, Staff Writer

On Monday, Feb. 4, the first game of North’s JV soccer season took place at Denmark High School. North’s JV soccer players traveled to Dane territory in an attempt to defeat them on their own turf. Sadly, North lost to their opponent, with a final score of 1-2.  

Toward the end of the first half, Denmark scored one point while North still held zero points to their name. The crowd supported their chosen teams, always stomping, clapping and yelling with excitement, and sometimes anger.

The Danes scored yet again in the second half, but the Raiders decided they weren’t going down without a fight and scored a point for their team. The JV team and supporters in the stands went wild. However, the game eventually came to an end, and the Raiders had to accept their defeat.

Team captain Connor Martin, a junior at North, said, “My hopes [for the rest of the season] are to overall become better as a team and as people and for some of us to be able to become good enough to move up to varsity at the end of this year.”

Although North’s JV team lost this game, there is no doubt that they have the ability to come out victorious during the season.