Local Forsyth Schools Threatened by Young Teenagers


North Forsyth Middle School has been received multiple threats concerning the safety of staff and students. Two other schools in Forsyth County have also received threats recently.

Daphni Torres, Staff Writer

On Feb. 3, three different schools in Forsyth County have been involved in dangerous circumstances concerning threats from their students. Coincidentally, although these threats were unrelated to each other, all three occured on the same day. Two students, from both Otwell and North Forsyth middle schools, threatened themselves and other students in person and via text. The third instance of threats were made by a former high school student against Denmark High School. Cristian Gael Dominguez recently transferred to Denmark from West Forsyth High School. However, after attending high school for three years, he withdrew from the Forsyth County School System in order to pursue a GED instead. Dominguez did not deny the threats towards his former classmates or school. He has been taken into police custody and charged with terroristic threats and disruption to public schools.

The two middle school students have been apprehended by police officers as well, but their identities have not been released. They are being held in a juvenile court system and their punishments will be decided by both the court and school systems.

Otwell’s principal, Steve Miller,  commented on the situation, saying,“The safety of our students and staff is our number one priority.” Despite the serious nature of the threats made, none of the students had access to weapons and no one was hurt; however, as Forsyth County Schools Communications Director Jennifer Caracciolo stated broadly, “It’s still a threat.”One of North Forsyth High School’s student, Anes Ribic, spoke on the matter. “I have not heard any threats because I thought that school is a safe and good environment” Students are beginning to worry about their well-being and how protected their are being apart of a public student body.

Teachers and parents were notified as soon as word of  the threat circulated around campus. However childish these threats may appear to be, the situation was handled professionally by staff, who contacted police authorities immediately.

Threats toward schools are unfortunately not uncommon nowadays. Almost a year ago, a different North Forsyth Middle School student made a threat on social media and was quickly taken into custody when another student reported it to their teachers. Seeking immediate help regarding threats made against a school, even if those threats seem minor, is the best action to pursue, because the problem may escalate to be more than a mere joke.

However childish or unreal may be, it is best to take action quickly. These actions will cause permanent damage on their criminal records and will possibly damage their reputations as scholarly students. As far as students, teachers, and parents are concerned, threats toward schools are completely random and everyone is informed about situations like these and when they occur.