Jonas Brothers Make the Most Needed Comeback of 2019


Caption: The Jonas Brothers made an unexpected but much needed return in early 2019. The band not only reunited, but they also released a single immediately after announcing their comeback. (Photo credits: Billboard Magazine–

Ella McCook, Staff Writer

In 2013, teens around the world were heartbroken by the news that the Jonas Brothers, pop band, was breaking up. Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas had been making music together since 2005 and were loved by teens around the world.  According to ENews!, Nick Jonas said they had split up because “[we] feel like we’re best suited to do our own individual things, all things we’re passionate about, and choose to be brothers first.”

There were no rumors or suspicions that the band would be reuniting anytime soon, considering Nick Jonas recently got married and Kevin Jonas now has kids. However, on Feb. 28, the band announced their return to the music industry on Instagram by recreating a viral video from 2008. Social media went crazy and people were talking about the band’s return on all platforms. The band not only announced their return, but they also announced that a single, “Sucker,” would be released at midnight the following day.

Many boy-band fans began tweeting at pop band One Direction, whose members split up in 2016 and said they would return many of these tweets involved telling the band to return similarly to the Jonas Brothers’ return. Due to the astonishing comeback of the band, fans of all ages were talking  about it. Thus, the band’s comeback was even more exciting and bigger than expected. “Sucker” instantly became a hit and people were overcome with nostalgia, claiming that it reminded them of the band’s old music with a hint of later 2000s vibes. Eleanor Duke, sophomore at NFHS and long-time fan, was “super happy” about the news of their return; however, they “did not meet [her] expectations” because she likes their old music more.

Since members of the band’s fanbase are now in their late teens or early 20s, the band is able to talk about more mature content in a reasonable way, still reaching their old fanbase as well as a new set of fans.Alaina Kray, junior, even compared their new music to recent artist Charlie Puth because of their similar styles as well as their higher pitched voices. Their new single “Sucker” was released on March 1 and fans went wild. The bands’ return was unexpected, yet much more needed than fans had ever realized.