Perfect Prom Preparation


The most important aspect of prom night occurs before the dance itself. From restaurant reservations to tux fitting prom preparation is key.

Quillen McKinney, Staff Writer

’Tis- the season – the season for dress shopping, shoe hunting, jewelry buying and prom plan making. Planning for prom can be incredibly stressful if you do not think in advance and do your research. But with a little planning, and a lot of care, you can easily plan a prom night like no other.

First, it is important to find a dress or tux for your perfect night. It can be particularly difficult to find a dress that is flattering and affordable. Stores such as Flirt Prom and Pageant and RSVP Prom specialize in all types of prom dresses in a wide array of colors and design.  Department stores such as Macy’s and Dillard’s are also great options to find gorgeous dresses, and these stores often offer incredibly low prices. (See Raider Wire Writer Kenya Espinoza’s article “Top Five Prom Dress Shops” for further dress buying tips- link attached at bottom of article). For the guys, stores such as Tuxedo Wearhouse and Men’s Wearhouse are great options for tuxedos and suits, and they provide options to both buy or rent your clothes as well as accessories such as vests and cummerbunds for the special night.

Shoes and jewelry are another important addition to a prom look. Stores that sell prom dresses often have shoe options as well, but they are usually overpriced. Instead try looking at stores such as DSW, Off-Broadway and Macy’s for a wide array of heels and flats in many colors and styles for far more affordable prices. The same concept applies for jewelry. More than likely you will not wear your prom jewelry often, so why spend a lot of money on something you may only wear once? Stores such as Charming Charlie provide reasonably priced and cute options for prom accessories including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and clutch purses.

However, the most important accessory you will have is your hair and makeup. Places such at Ulta beauty, and department stores such as Belk and Macy’s, have makeup and hair artists that you can book appointments with to help show you how to properly do your own makeup for prom. These stores also provide a wide variety of options of makeup and hair accessories available for purchase so you can do everything easily on your own at home for free the day of the dance. If you do not feel confident in your own abilities, you can easily search makeup and hair companies in surrounding areas which provide packages to do both on the day of your prom. However, it is important to call these companies far in advance to book appointments because slots fill up quickly.

Finding a place to eat can perhaps be the most challenging feat to conquer. Restaurants can be expensive, confusing and all booked up in a very short time. The first step in deciding where to eat is knowing where the closest locations are to your prom venue. In North Forsyth’s case, prom will be held at the Avalon hotel in Alpharetta where there is an a plethora of high end restaurants such as “Firebirds” and “Ray’s on the River”  which would be perfect for prom night. and It is a hassle to drive long distances just to eat, so make sure you locate restaurants in your area to greatly narrow down your search. Then, call the restaurant to see if they take reservations, and how far in advance, to ensure you can get a table on prom night. Looking online at menus and dress codes (if applicable) is also smart so you go prepared.

A school’s annual prom is one of the most highly anticipated school events of the year, which is why it is vital to plan details in advance in order to prevent stress on the special night. Researching everything from dress stores to places to eat is important to make sure every detail is covered.

More info on dress buying:


Fashion Tips to prevent a fashion faux pas:

  1. For embellished dresses, simple, classic shoes that are one color are best so as not to take away from the dress (nude or black are always safe options)
  2. Never wear gold shoes with a silver dress or silver shoes with a gold dress
  3. For a prom clutch, metallic colors are best for brightly colored prom dresses and silver gold are great compliments to darker dresses
  4. Earrings: the simpler the dress the larger the earrings
  5. Do not wear a belt and suspenders simultaneously… one or the other is a classic look
  6. For guys with a more square shaped face, a long necktie could be flattering to lengthen the face while a bowtie could look better with a more oval face shape
  7. Guys: shine your shoes, cut your hair and be clean shaven… enough said