How to Have a Memorable Stay-cation


Spring break is a great time to catch up with friends and enjoy fun activities all while staying close to home.

Kenya Espinoza, Staff Writer

The month of April is quickly nearing, which could only mean that the much anticipated spring break is right around the corner. This means many people will be leaving the state to enjoy the sun and break from school somewhere else; however, it is not necessary to leave in order to enjoy the much needed break.

For one, this week could be used to give back through community service. There are always many volunteering opportunities available to sign up for. In the first week of April, there will be a Color Run at Six Flags Over Georgia. The minimum age requirement in order to volunteer is 14 years old. All the volunteers will have to do is throw colored powder at people. It is also encouraged to bring friends along, especially because the whole group will be assigned to run the same section. Another volunteer opportunity is helping out at the Humane Society, they are always seeking help to tend for the animals. Those are only some of the volunteering opportunities, there are various others found within the community.

Watching movies with friends is always a great way to spend time. There are a lot of movies being released in April and over spring break, including: “Pet Sematary,” “Teen Spirit,” “Shazam!,” “The Haunting of Sharon Tate,” “The Public” and “The Best of Enemies.” There will not only be new films coming to theaters, but new movies and shows will also be added to Netflix. Those include; season 1 of “Ultraman”, part two of “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” , season one of “Quicksand”  and “Unicorn Store.”This will be a great time to start watching new shows with friends or watching newly released movies.

Taking trips to the aquarium or the zoo is also a very fun option. The Georgia Aquarium is well-known for the many attractions located within, including a 4D movie.  In these movies, the viewer can see the film come to life before their eyes as it is 3D with effects such as the chairs moving, splashes of water, lightening effects, that makes them feel as if they were in the movie with the characters. They also have touch pools, where everyone can stop by and pet intriguing sea creatures. The aquarium provides its visitors with many unforgettable experiences. The zoo also has a lot of experiences such as the  Animal Encounter and Elephant demonstration, and most of their attractions include them talking to the audience about the animals that can be found at the zoo.

Spring break is time away from school that can be spent with friends. There are many more ways to spend this much earned break. What will you do on your time off?

Are you staying home for spring break or spending it out of state?

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