Goodbye North, Love Seniors


The sun sets over Raider Valley as Seniors experience their last football season and school year.

Quillen McKinney, Staff Writer

Students file in tiredly after a week of late nights, traveling and adventure. They greet one another with “How was your break?”-wishing it was still ongoing. Dragging feet take them to class as they dread the homework their teachers will undoubtedly assign. It is the Monday after spring break, and no one wants to be at school. But the one thing that keeps them going is the short time left until summer. After spring break, the countdown to May and freedom officially begins. For seniors, however, this day back is different. Their last spring break of high school is over and the weeks to graduation are looming large. It is now time for them to begin their goodbyes. High school is almost done.

“I’m definitely going to miss the community that North has given me,” says Senior Haley Allison, describing how she feels about leaving high school, “I’ll miss my supportive teachers, sweet friends and everyone in band most of all.” Many seniors’ feelings echo these as they leave the teams, clubs, and communities they have built over their four years at NFHS. Trevor Elliot describes how he is going to “miss a lot of the relationships [he] made in high school…specifically [the] great athletes in basketball and track that have become some of [his] best friends.” The clubs and sports that students become involved in build community that lasts a lifetime, and leaving these activities presents a huge change to seniors. Friends travel to different colleges but the connections made and lessons learned in high school will be memorable for forever.

Across the board there is a feeling of excitement in the senior class as graduation approaches, college commitments are made and preparations to move out are put into action. However, it is all also bittersweet as seniors prepare to leave the home they have built over their last four years and the people they have encountered. “I’m excited to move to a culturally enriched city to further my education in an area I am passionate about,” says Maggie Sullivan, “but I’m going to miss harassing Mr. Bassett,” referring to her favorite teacher who she had in her freshman year.  Not only have students made connections with their peers, but they are also impacted by the teachers and staff which helped build their high school careers. These teachers helped to shape their high school experience and have forever impacted their students’ lives. For some, leaving the wisdom and guidance of their teachers is the most difficult challenge of leaving high school and heading to college.

The school year is drawing to a close, and seniors are fully beginning to realize the numbered days left until graduation. This causes an influx of memories as students recall their years spent at North and the other students and teachers which made their high school experiences great. It is now time for them to say their goodbyes and wrap up their year. High school is over.


15 Things to Keep in Mind as a High School Senior About to Graduate  

  1. Enjoy your mom’s cooking; you’ll miss it soon
  2. Study for your AP exams!!!
  3. It is going to feel like everything you’re doing is for the last time…Enjoy it
  4. Thrive in the uncertainty of your next chapter…Things will be ok
  5. Take pictures!
  6. Don’t rush it…Slow down and enjoy the days
  7. Hang out with your younger siblings…They are going to miss you
  8. Tell your parents about your day, honestly
  9. Once again…Take photos!
  10. Your teachers will be sad to see you go…Don’t forget to thank them
  11. Get a job over the summer. You’ll need the money later
  12. Laugh at all the crazy, dramatic situations. They won’t matter soon
  13. Rebuild your burnt bridges
  14. Don’t hate on prom…Deep down we all know you love it
  15. The familiarity and comfort you’re feeling now won’t last much longer…Take advantage of it