“Brigadoon” Brings Down the Stage

Anna Goellner, Literary Magazine Editor

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  • “Brigadoon” cast and crew are constantly working hard to perfect their performances, but backstage brings laughs, love and good times! (Photos from Ireland Ashburn.)

  • Juniors Austin Gazaway, Ireland Ashburn and Owen Malone celebrate post-performance.

  • Cast members Claire Williams and Ireland Ashburn and Crew member Emma Siver pose for a quick shot.

  • Backstage shenanigans with Sam Sayar, Madison Unger and Ireland Ashburn.

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Triple Threat, the highest level of North’s theater  program, put on the renowned musical “Brigadoon” from April 11 through April 13. After months of hard work and preparation, the students hit center stage to bring the mystical land of Brigadoon to life. The students of Triple Threat never fail to showcase their wonderful talent, and this musical was no exception.

“Brigadoon,” written by Alan Jay Lerner, tells the story of two American hunters, Tommy Albright and Jeff Douglas, who stumble upon the mythical village of Brigadoon in Highland Scotland. The village seems to have no knowledge of the modern outside world, and they are bustling in preparation for the wedding of Jean MacLaren and Charlie Dalrymple. Tommy and Jeff are completely confused by the fact this town appears nowhere on the map, but the town is excited to have them. Tommy starts to take a liking to Fiona MacLaren, Jean’s older sister, and the mysterious people of this town. Brigadoon’s elder, Mr. Lundie, tells Tommy and Jeff the story of the town: its founder wanted to protect the people of Brigadoon, so he prayed to God to have Brigadoon disappear and only come resurface once every 100 years. This was 200 years ago. The people are forbidden to leave the town, for if they do, Brigadoon will vanish forever. Outsiders are not allowed to stay, either. Tommy and Fiona fall in love, and they struggle to overcome the fact that their love cannot last because of their opposing worlds. With drama, romance, death and several Scottish kilts, “Brigadoon” enthralls you with its mystery and charm.

Triple Threat theater did a phenomenal job in bringing this story to the stage, with exceptional vocals, choreography and costume design. Leading actors John Drake (Tommy Albright) and Jack Schott (Jeff Douglas) displayed a hilarious reaction to the quirks of Brigadoon, and their hard work and dedication shined through their wonderful performances. Sam Sayar (Fiona MacLaren) absolutely rocked the stage, landing a leading role as a sophomore. The ensemble and cast of minor characters also performed brilliantly, bringing life, love and laughter to “Brigadoon.”

The theater kids never fail to put on an outstanding show each time, and there’s always lots of laughs behind stage. Triple Threat student Ireland Ashburn (Ensemble) said that one of the best parts of being in the show was “hearing everyone’s Scottish accents and dance,” as well as all the inside jokes with the cast. “I loved having fun with everyone in Triple Threat,” says Ireland, “even if it was my last time on stage with the seniors.”

Thanks to the fantastic work of the cast, the tech crew and the outstanding teachers, “Brigadoon” was an absolute hit, ending the 2018-19 theater year with a bang. Be sure to check out the drama productions next school year!