What Beauty Truly Is


North Forsyth high school students, Claudia Dobson and Daphni Torres have their own take on the definition of beauty.

Jen Vincent, Staff Writer

Social media, once again, has started a negative impact on young girls. From life threatening diets to excessive amounts of make-up. The internet has been tarnishing girl’s view of their bodies since social media has been invented. 

Beauty. What is it? Some may think, without even helping it, beauty is all about appearance. Being thin, tall, and tan with a pretty face is what beauty is made of. I do not agree with this notion. In my opinion, I believe no one even knows the true definition of beauty. If you take away the “looks” aspect of it, what truly is beauty?

Maybe it’s scenery. A beautiful sunset perhaps. Possibly even a light blue ocean, so clear that you could see the fish at the bottom of it. But is this what the media portrays as beautiful? No they don’t. So, what about music? A beautiful melody intertwined with a graceful twist. Wrong again. The media does not portray music as beauty. 

At this point, some might give up. if beauty isn’t looks, scenery, or music then what is it? Well to answer your question, there isn’t a true definition of beauty. Like most things, beauty is subjective. Just like comedy and art. Something could be beautiful to you, but to someone else, not so much.

North Forsyth high school students have their own opinion of what beauty is. Freshman Claudia Dobson says, “I feel that someone who is very graceful, elegant, and kind and who has self-respect is beautiful. Not everyone has class, and that is what is unique.” 

Senior Daphni Torres expressed, “Beauty is a very broad term. A lot of people can interpret it in a lot of different ways. For me, this might seem shallow, but it has a lot to do with physical appearances. But when I get to know you, if you’re ugly on the inside, then your not beautiful to me anymore.” 

Beauty doesn’t have a true definition. We cannot simply describe something as beautiful since beauty is what comes within, but it doesn’t take away from beautiful sunsets or clear blue seas. Anything to you can beautiful, and that is what beauty truly is.