Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star Release Their “Conspiracy” Collection


Youtube sensations Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star created and released a makeup collection. Their launch was so successful, they ended up selling out in less than 10 minutes.

Influencers Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson released a collaboration eyeshadow palette along with merch and a makeup collection. The bundle of items was released on Nov. 1. The launch was so successful, it sold out and crashed the JSC (Jeffree Star Cosmetics) website in less than 10 minutes. It also broke the host website, Shopify.

Some of the items in this launch include the “Conspiracy” palette and its sibling, the “Mini Controversy”’ palette, along with a liquid lipstick set, a lip gloss and a lip balm. Star and Dawson have been working together on this collaboration for over a year.  A month prior to this release, the duo created a ‘pig’ merch line with t-shirts, tracksuits, bags, joggers, hats, slides, phone cases and hoodies. 

Leading up to the “Conspiracy” reveal, Dawson uploaded a six-part YouTube series called “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star.” This docuseries delved into the planning and business aspect of the product line. There are rumors that there will be two or three follow up episodes covering the overall release details, numbers and how they broke the JSC website.

The Shane X Jeffree launch became the biggest launch in e-commerce history. Millions of Dawson’s and Star’s fans crowded the JSC website, and there were no bots detected on the internet site, meaning the traffic was caused only by the duo’s viewers and subscribers.

Junior Caroline Ring, expressed, “I had two computers set up so I could buy myself and my sister a palette.  As soon as I went to check out and process my order — not even five minutes after the launch — the website crashed and I wasn’t able to order it.”

Star and Dawson’s release proved to be more than successful and blew the minds of many beauty community competitors. They have had restocks on both their merch and makeup sites since the launch date and ended up selling out again in 20 minutes. There will be another restock somewhere at the beginning of 2020 and possibly a second makeup line on the way.