North Forsyth Students Compete at World Language Expo


Students from Spanish, Russian, Latin and French classes participated in the Foreign Language Expo (Freepik).

North Forsyth students in Russian, Spanish, French and Latin classes competed at the World Language Expo at Denmark High School on Thursday, Nov. 7.  Impersonation of notable figures, dramatic interpretation of a monologue, short film, 3x3x3 skit and creative redesign of a famous piece of artwork were all categories that North students could participate in. For clarification, the category 3x3x3 skit is where three students have three objects to create a three-minute skit with. All categories are judged by level of the chosen foreign language and may be done individually or in a group, such as in the short film or 3x3x3 skit. 

One major motivation for Spanish students to participate is the 10 extra points that are given to them on their lowest summative. On the other hand, a major motivation for Russian students is their devotion to the Russian language through Dr. Surin, the Russian I-IV teacher. Nevertheless, the North representation at the Foreign Language Expo was certainly a success due to the dedication of North’s students and the promotion of the event from North’s foreign language teachers, which was shown by the posters in the hall.