Possible Sessions For Wellness Wednesday


Regan lamb Kaylee Fowler showing off what they have learned so far in there wellness sessions. Photo by; Chasidy Culpepper

Wellness Wednesday is an hour long free time period which takes place right in the middle of the day. It serves as a small block of time for students to get the opportunity to take care of missed school work, exercise or catch up with friends. Some Wellness Wednesday sessions include crocheting with Ms. Sailors, Uno card games with Mrs. Evans and Dungeons and Dragons with Ms. Tripp-Smith. Others can include walking the trail or drinking coffee in the cafeteria with Ms. Kay.

It’s best to sign up for wellness sessions a week ahead so students can have their top choice of what they want to spend their time doing before the slots fill up. During Monday Raider Time sessions, all students are given time to sign up for their sessions for the week.   If a student doesn’t register for sessions, they can be counted as absent or skipping and that will result in getting ISS.

The majority of the students spend this time working on late work or homework that needs to be finished. Club members especially find this time useful for meetings or practices; for example, last week the dance club learned a new routine by their choreographer, Senior Arianna Taylor.

Along with Raider Time, Wellness Wednesday is a new addition to the school, and administrators hope it will give students a break and help them focus more. Some of this week’s wellness include Karaoke with Mr. Seawright, Thanksgiving dinner and a movie with Mrs. Corley, as well as American Sign Language with Ms. Adams. 

“My favorite wellness is conspiracy theories with Mr. Castleberry” says freshman Isabel Pineda. “ If you choose the correct activity on wellness Wednesday  with your friends and you are sure to he a good time,” said freshman Clarie Pope.