Brock Talks on Tuesdays


Need something to sign up for on Tuesdays? Brock Talks may be for you.

In room 434, Mr. Brock has a Wellness session during Raider Time every Tuesday, which he calls “Brock Talks.” Mr. Brock goes over subjects that are of interest to him and the students, engaging everyone with his own insights and advice in an easy way to understand, much like a Ted Talk. He speaks without a script, saying whatever happens to come to his mind at that moment. He makes sure to engage every student and allows them to contribute to the conversation. 

He has covered topics like what teaching means to him as well as the relationships we have with the people around us.. Freshman Maurice Pete said “[Brock Talk was] very informative. It was very insightful and helped me with my relationships.”

 Unlike a lecture or a speech, the students are encouraged to ask questions, which adds a level of personality and depth.. Brock Talks are a great way to spend Tuesdays as well as a fun way to explore ideas and thoughts that could help in your everyday life.