Is “Frozen II” Worth Seeing?


Freshmans Eva Watson, and Amber Cabezas both watched Frozen II, and loved it.

“Frozen” was a good movie, but is “Frozen II” worth seeing? Frozen I is about how Elsa and Anna react to Elsa’s powers, but in Frozen II, they focus more on the power part, instead of the sister part. 

Frozen II is about how Elsa keeps hearing a call from the enchanted forest. Little does she know, their town, Arendelle, is in danger. Elsa, Anna, Christoff, Sphen, and Olaf go on a journey to find the voice and save Arendelle. They not only find out who the voice is, but they also find out many things that they didn’t know about before… More specifically about Elsa’s powers.

Many people have seen “Frozen II” and have loved it. However, some people have expressed that this sequel darker than the original. Although that may be true, it’s more of an adventurous movie than the first one was. With many plot twists and surprises, Frozen II really changes since Frozen I. “Along the way, they learn some dangerous facts about history that threatens the future of their kingdom so it is really adventurous, this movie,” Bell added.

Freshman Lily Brooks and Jazmine Sizum said that they love the movie. Sizum states that she “[loves] the gecko that appears in the movie.” Freshman Eva Wattson said, “It was Amazeballs.” 

“Frozen II” has received a 77 percent from movie critic Rotten Tomato and 93 percent on audience review. It has a 7.3/10 score on IMDb. “Frozen II” was the third best animated opening of all time. The movie has earned a higher score by  2 percent on Rotten Tomatoes compared to “Frozen I.”.

“Whatever you think “Frozen” is, throw it in the trash because this movie is like an epic adventure where everything is seemingly good in Arendelle,” said Kristen Bell, the voice of Anna in “Frozen II.”  “Frozen II” is most definitely worth seeing. Reviews from North students and online critics prove that it is a good movie that will entertain you. “Frozen II” takes you on an adventure with many laughs and heartache along the way.