An Inside Look into Work-based Learning


Sydney Martin (Right) is with her work-based learning supervisor Heather Thomas (Left). (Photo Courtesy of Sydney Martin).

Senior Sydney Martin is one of the handful of students who participate in the North Forsyth’s work-based learning program. Work-based learning is a program that allows students to intern in different places they would potentially like to work in such as a hospital, a local newspaper, or an elementary school.


Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, Sydney Martin goes to Northside Hospital located in Forsyth for her work-based learning internship. Throughout the school year, she will work in four different departments in the hospital, such as the emergency room.


 Martin typically spends her time at the hospital shadowing registered nurses and other healthcare workers. It gives her an opportunity to ask questions and learn first hand on what it takes to be a nurse. She also helps the nurses and patients if they need anything on occasion. 


Sydney Martin says, “[her] favorite part about [her] internship is seeing how patient care and treatment works from the health provider’s point of view.”


Her internship with the hospital helped her realize what she would like to do for a career in the future. In addition, work-based learning prepares Martin for the workforce and gives her first hand experience in her career. Sydney Martin highly encourages other students to participate in work-based learning because “it’s really helpful for you to figure out a little more of what you want to do in the future, and you might even discover what your passion is.”


For more information, talk to your counselor about potentially participating in work-based learning.