The Perfect Origami Folds For Valentine’s


Origami Hearts make fun gifts for your friends on Valentine’s!

I first began folding origami when my grandmother bought me origami paper and a book, thinking that I loved origami, but I actually complained to her previously about how bad I was at origami after my failed attempt at it at school. Since my grandmother had already bought me the origami paper, I thought I would go ahead and give origami another try, which I ended up really enjoying the art of folding. 



  • Scissors — There are some steps where scissors are required but not all the time.
  • Origami Paper — It should be a perfect square and thinner than normal paper. I bought my origami paper at Barnes and Noble in the craft section; however, the paper is in a book and is really hard to tear out. Amazon has an endless amount of different colored papers for reasonable prices, and any craft store will most likely have some as well.
  • Origami Book — This is not a requirement, but books are an easy way to learn how to fold origami. I learned how to fold paper with an origami calendar as well as a book. There are also many directions that can be found on the internet and YouTube. 


*Tip: It is very important to be precise as possible when folding as it may not turn out the way it is supposed to if it is not folded correctly. 



Happy folding and have a happy Valentine’s day!