JV Girls Soccer Team Fall to South 4-2


The JV Girls were ready to work their hardest as they faced off against South.

The North Forsyth JV girl’s soccer team was back to compete on Feb. 12 after their game was canceled on the 6 due to lightning and heavy rainfall. With a victory under their belt from their last game against the South Forsyth War Eagles, the JV girls returned to the Raider Valley after school at 5 p.m. to take them on once again.

South Forsyth displayed their determination early in the game, and the Raiders attempted to counter it with efficient communication skills and speed. However, Maleen Buckman, number 12 on South Forsyth’s team, scored a goal for the Eagles early on. The Raiders pressed on, a common call of encouragement being “Pressure, Raiders, pressure!”

North’s defense was tested as South succeeded in keeping the ball towards the Raider’s goal throughout a good portion of the first half. Number 7, Kylee Galahert from South played the role of the wing forward and would run with the ball up the side of the field, attempting to pass it to a teammate who was prepared to kick it to the goal, but someone from North was nearly always prepared to block the kick or steal the ball.


The Raider girls definitely withstood the pressure as they worked to defend their goal.

By half time, the score was 1-0, with the War Eagles in the lead.

The Raider girls were determined going into the second half of the match, and the crowd was even more enthusiastic as the prospect of a victory or loss was on the horizon. Much to the dismay of the Raider crowd, the War Eagles pulled further ahead, scoring a point barely two minutes in and two more to follow. Nevertheless, Grace Rose, number 46, scored the final point of the game for the Raiders. There was also a point that was originally not counted, also made by Grace, and that brought the game to a final score of 4-2 for the War Eagles. 

“Grace, the whole time, she was being so aggressive, going after the ball, running to the goal,” Gracie Earnhardt, number 35, said, “She was awesome last night. Even though we didn’t win, she was pushing herself and that’s great.”

The teamwork between the girls has definitely improved since they first started. “I think we’re going to trust each other more and more (as we continue to play),” Earnhardt commented, “In the beginning, when we were doing tryouts, Coach said we were like family. JV and Varsity. And he’s right. We have to trust each other. A good family trusts each other and talks to each other, at home, in school, and on the field.”