Two North Forsyth Artists Take on 2020 All-State Art School Symposium

Students heavily involved in the visual arts department at North Forsyth High School woke up early on March 7 to attend the 2020 All-State Art Symposium in Columbus, Ga. The All-State Art School Symposium, which is run by Columbus State University, works on recognizing high school students all across Georgia by exhibiting their work at the Corn Center and hosting workshops for the students to participate in. 

Senior Grace Wood and Junior Sydnee Mills had the opportunity for their work to be displayed for a couple weeks at the Corn Center in the art department of Columbus State. Wood displayed her photograph of a vintage car mirror with a civil rights photo layered inside; Mills had her ceramic origami crane made with thin slabs of clay displayed. 

However, a handful of other talented North artists were allowed to participate in the workshops as well to experience what Allstate is like. There were over ten workshops in which the high school students could participate in such as Pressure Printing, Intro to Metalworking, or 3D animation. In the pressure printing workshop, students placed random objects such as stencils or other cutouts onto a piece of paper and laid out on plexiglass covered in a layer of ink to be pressed in a printing machine. Each student was allowed to attend two workshops to learn new art techniques to incorporate into their pieces for the future. 

After having lots of fun in the workshops, everyone attended the art ceremony where students are given first place, second place and third place certificates as well as some honorable mentions and scholarships. Unfortunately, no North students were named, but they still had a wonderful time at Columbus State University.

Overall, the young artists had a fun and an eventful day at the Art School Symposium, filled with experimenting and amazing art work.