NFHS’ PALS Sock Fundraiser


To support the Special Education Program, PALS put on a fundraiser that ended up raising over 400 dollars.

North Forsyth High School’s PALS program recently held a fundraiser to help collect money for the Special Education Program. This event lasted about two weeks and proved to be a success. The organization sold fun and goofy animal socks for five dollars every day during lunch. 

The PALS program doesn’t know the grand total that they have raised yet, but they do know that they have collected 400 dollars worth of socks in school. They are still calculating the total they made online from students texting “NFHS” to 855-202-2100.

Teachers Erin Daniel and Jill Selvig who work in the special education department played a major role in putting on this fundraiser in the first place. They believe that raising awareness of the PALS program is important to North’s special education department. They hope that they can get as many students as possible to help support the cause. “PALS and The Unified Raiders Club supports inclusion. All students are welcome to participate,” Selvig and Daniel stated.

On March 20 (this date may be changed if North cancels school), all students who bought a pair of these socks will wear them for National World Down Syndrome Awareness Day (which is on March 21). Students cannot purchase any more socks for this school year but will be able to next school year in the Fall.